Cuba and Its Critique of International Relations- Mariah Fuller

In class we discussed Cuba and its relationship with the US and I read this article that talks about how the citizens have become critical of their government’s business interests along with that of the US. For example, the new Fast and Furious and Transformerd films are being filmed in Havana and their production is not benefiting the people at all. The article emphasizes the immediate force of global commerce and how wealthy people and high end brands such as Chanel have landed in Cuba for their own interests. Although it has been isolated from the rest of the world, Cuba is a big consumer of US products and many have hoped that the amount of money from tourism and from this film production would have helped them but their new status is only making it easier for others to take advantage of the country. What’s unfortunate about this is that Cubans are not allowed to interact with these events taking place in their own home and the real issues the people are facing are being still being ignored.

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Edible Six Pack Rings

I am not sure if anyone has heard of this, but there is a brewery that is making these new dissolvable and edible six pack rings. They are, as opposed to regular plastic ones, supposed to be safe for fish and birds to consume. This makes it so that when people dispose of them, and these get dumped into the sea, animals that are usually prone to try to consume the rings will be able to eat them. Unless of course if the rings don’t dissolve first.

I suppose that one might approach this and call it a step in the right direction, it is amazing that people are becoming aware of the harms dumping trash into the ocean imposes on sea life. It’s also a great thing that people are trying to come up with seemingly less harmful ways to dispose of our garbage. But why can’t we just not throw our trash into the ocean? A part of me believes that something like this invention could continue to perpetuate ideas that throwing our garbage into the ocean is an ok thing to do. Also, who’s to say that, even though these are made to be edible, they would pass through digestive systems of fish? It certainly is nice to see that this company is taking ocean life into consideration, but if other companies begin to follow in their footsteps, I feel as though there’s going to need to be a lot of research going into this. Which, great, anything to stop polluting the waters.

Or, we could just stop throwing our trash into the oceans all together.

Narmeen Maria

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Lucy Sandoval – March to Stop Monsanto

Tomorrow 5/21/16 Is the march to stop Monsanto! Monsanto is an American multinational agrochemical and agricultural biotechnology corporation. Since its establishment however it has had several problems and lawsuits from other farmers, while being said that they are in hand and hand with the American government. *predictable* Just like other multinational companies that get to destroy our planet, provides us with cheap products done by cheap labor and spread of harmful products. The system is failing and we have to take it back! Seeing this march approaching makes me question if this is the solution and I say this is one of them, we are spreading the word about issues that are impacting everyone, taking back whats ours. Since they are so hidden by the government and companies. Just like the Panama papers and just like the TPP has been. I wonder if any of us are going to this March? and if so let me know how you all felt about it!?

The March to Stop Monsanto: Taking Back Our Food, Our Farms, Our Democracy and Our Planet

The March to Stop Monsanto: Taking Back Our Food, Our…The march to stop Monsanto is one of the most pressing issues of our time. As a single company, Monsanto is the tip of the iceberg representing the threa…
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Narmeen Maria comment Michelle Cummings

Great post Narmeen. I was duped into watching Cowspiracy after a friend asked me if I knew it takes 660 gallons of water to produce 1/4 pound of hamburger meat. I agree the docu was very interesting however it’s all under the guise of “sustainability secrets.” The producers save their underlying agenda for the last 3 minutes of the film. Spoiler Alert: this flick is about veganism. And I quote “each person who switches to a vegan diet saves 1,100 gallons of water, 45 pounds of grain, 30 square feet of forested land, and 20 lbs CO2 equivalent per day!” Probably true. I’m just not sure if their motive was to save the planet or to promote veganism.

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Narmeen Maria

I was able to watch the documentary Cowspiracy over this past weekend. It was very, very interesting and taught me about problems within the animal agricultural industry. It was unbeknownst to me that the livestock industry was a major contributer to climate change. The documentary had provided its audience with graphs and visuals depicting how much of a heavy impact raising and tending to cattle for our consumption purposes has on our environment. I was supposed to enter a screenshot of one of the graphs but since my last post didn’t go through entirely, the graph essentially depicted the way that emissions from animal agriculture are expected to increase by 80% by 2050, in comparison to fossil fuels which are only supposed to increase by 20%.

While the documentary was actually great I was a little skeptical on the numbers that were being given, and am in the process of doing my own research into them. But according to the World Bank Group, animal agriculture is responsible for 51% of human climate change. Not only that, but animal agriculture produces 65% of the world’s nitrous oxide, a global warming potential of 296x greater than CO2 emissions. Raising livestock for our consumption, according to the documentary, also uses 30% of our world’s water, 45% of the planet’s land, and is responsible for 91% of amazon destruction.

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Cuban Embargo – comment Michelle Cummings

I really appreciate your pro/con list Pierre. It could be really helpful to someone seriously considering studying abroad in Cuba – one of the few reasons we can visit. Other valid reasons we’re allowed into Cuba include visiting relatives, for professional research, if you are a journalist or producer, if you have a religious obligation or if you are a professional athlete/performer/artist.

Fun facts about Cuba:

Cuba has the highest doctor to patient ratio in the world.

Cuba has a 99.8% literacy rate.

The reason you only see old fashion cars (cars manufactured before 1959) is because older vehicles are the only cars Cuban citizens can legally own.

Has anyone been to Cuba? Is there anything else I should know before I go?

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Andrew Kehinde – Puerto Rico Debt Crisis Poses An Issue for America #6

Earlier this morning my mom recieved a phone call from an old friend she went to college with. He opened a café in Fajardo back in 2014 and now he’s closing up shop by the end of June since the debt crisis is hindering his business gradually. When my mom asked if he could migrate his business within the states, he said that the effects of his business due to what’s going on in Puerto Rico will follow as long as he’s within U.S. territory.

Then it got me thinking based on what we were discussing in class last week on the debt crisis Puerto Rico. I took it upon myself to do my ‘Googles’ about if it’s possible for the Puerto Rican debt would potentially affect America since P.R is a U.S. territory.

That’s when I came across an article on the website: ‘The Register Guard.’ The article – Puerto Rico Debt Crisis Poses A Dilemma for U.S. – talked about P.R problems will benefit America in the long run. In view of the fact that their finical situation reflects on us. Reading this made me a little bit scared since Congress is made up of kids fighting about what is right and what is wrong. All-in-all, this article was informative and it’s a warning to show that if we don’t get our act together then in the long run we’ll fail as a country.

Here’s the article:

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