Lucy Sandoval – March to Stop Monsanto

Tomorrow 5/21/16 Is the march to stop Monsanto! Monsanto is an American multinational agrochemical and agricultural biotechnology corporation. Since its establishment however it has had several problems and lawsuits from other farmers, while being said that they are in hand and hand with the American government. *predictable* Just like other multinational companies that get to destroy our planet, provides us with cheap products done by cheap labor and spread of harmful products. The system is failing and we have to take it back! Seeing this march approaching makes me question if this is the solution and I say this is one of them, we are spreading the word about issues that are impacting everyone, taking back whats ours. Since they are so hidden by the government and companies. Just like the Panama papers and just like the TPP has been. I wonder if any of us are going to this March? and if so let me know how you all felt about it!?

The March to Stop Monsanto: Taking Back Our Food, Our Farms, Our Democracy and Our Planet

The March to Stop Monsanto: Taking Back Our Food, Our…The march to stop Monsanto is one of the most pressing issues of our time. As a single company, Monsanto is the tip of the iceberg representing the threa…
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