We were talking about Cuba and its human right issue, and how they are sanctioned by the U.S. Their government does not agree with the United State government conditions. The United States want them to free Cuban people by giving them human rights. So that they can have relations with them. I was thinking that the Cuban people, the 99 percent are suffering from this kind of government. American protesters were able to create “we are the 99.” This is one of the benefit of having a free country however even though the majority of the Cuban people are suffering they are not able to revolt they not given any opportunity to rebel against their own government. Fidel Castro the president actually resign and his brother took the regime. This dictatorships looks like it is not ending yet. This remind me of what happen to my country in 2012 when Senegalese people were against the president’s third term, because it was not constitutional at all. And they were successful of not letting him renew his presidency. Let’s hope that one day the Cuban people will be successful to reform.

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