Cuba and Its Critique of International Relations- Mariah Fuller

In class we discussed Cuba and its relationship with the US and I read this article that talks about how the citizens have become critical of their government’s business interests along with that of the US. For example, the new Fast and Furious and Transformerd films are being filmed in Havana and their production is not benefiting the people at all. The article emphasizes the immediate force of global commerce and how wealthy people and high end brands such as Chanel have landed in Cuba for their own interests. Although it has been isolated from the rest of the world, Cuba is a big consumer of US products and many have hoped that the amount of money from tourism and from this film production would have helped them but their new status is only making it easier for others to take advantage of the country. What’s unfortunate about this is that Cubans are not allowed to interact with these events taking place in their own home and the real issues the people are facing are being still being ignored.

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