Puerto Rico Dilemma


This article discussed many of the growing problems that Puerto Rico is and will be facing over the next few years. It interviewed many natives, and several people who have left the island for the mainland of the United States. Since Puerto Rican’s are by their countries common-wealth status considered US citizens, it seems to be the logical choice for many of them to leave for economic oppertunities. This thought process however is one of the many things that is destroying Puerto Rico, and it is a snowballing effect, as the more that leave, the less attractive it is to stay.
Hosptials and schools are groosely understaffed in Puerto Rico because the government lacks the funds to continue their opperation, and the people who could work there are migrating to the mainland where they are more likely to find employtment. Investors want for the island nation to cut as much of its public spending as possible for it to focus on re-payment of old debts, but this is only worsening the situation. Hightened taxes only leads to less spending, and higher levels of unemployment as buisness the lose customers have no choice but to shut down. The people feel that the taxes they pay are donig the country no good, as the crumbeling infrastructure around them stands testament to.
The government itself is unable to file for bankruptcy like the state of Detriot had only a few years ago. Not having the status of State has led to a referendum by the people who voted in favor of rejecting the common-wealth status. Becoming a state may help Puerto Rico, as the federal government would then grant it the same benefits as any other state, but many on the island feel that it won’t change anything. Having been in an economic downward spiral since 2007 many of the islands residents are simply unfazed by any further deterioration of the islands economic stature, the people no longer live in fear of the crisis because they have to live it every day. The article ends on the question of whether or not there is hope, and many who refuse to leave their home land stick to this idea out of principal.
Do you believe that the many problems of Puerto Rico could be solved by allowing it to obtain statehood?

Eugene Dorokhin

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1 Response to Puerto Rico Dilemma

  1. Andrew Kehinde says:

    It was a very imformative read Eugene, I never thought P.R was in such a state. I recommend reading this article – I posted it on my post titled ‘Post #6’ – about how what’s happening in P.R will soon affect us here within the states.

    Article: http://registerguard.com/rg/opinion/34317421-78/puerto-rico-debt-crisis-poses-dilemma-for-u.s..csp


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