McMichael Chapter 7 – Travis Adams

In the article, the writer addresses about 4 different social movements that have been formed especially across the 20th century. These are environmentalism, feminism, cosmopolitan activism and food sovereignty movements. The social movements were as a result of globalization in the world which rendered world population being subdivided into social groups which have the same characteristics and commonalities. In these 4 different social movements, the writer focuses on their view concerning the environment and the sustainable development, gender disparity, and poverty reduction.

But the question rising are the social movements that have divided the population the main cause of the world negative change and environmental degradation. Through resistance to globalization, many social movements emerged and joined according to what their common goals were. Are the movements concerned about the sustainable development? Are they concerned about our future generations? The answer is probably no. this is because the results of these groups have resulted in society acting in a way that is meant to help a certain group or social movement.

The different groups of the population ranging from children, women, and the poor might not have a good future if the social movements are to be retained in future. This is because people are not united for a common goal which is to develop the economy together and conserve the environment for our future generations.

Nevertheless, the social movements are leading to the economic advancement in economy. This is because, through joining hands, exploitation of resources is easier and able. At the same time, fighting for human rights, for example gender rights, is a common goal which can be achieved through consensus.

Are the social movements currently available in the world the reason for the problems which have been evident the society?

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