Klein Chapter 13 – Travis Adams

The essay is about a woman who had failed to get pregnant and she had opted for all methods and birth technologies in order to conceive but she had failed in doing so. However, her cynical nature made her to stop going out and looking for more help health-wise which could have eventually solved her problem. The writer connects her case to many occurrences in the environment and in the nature blaming nature for the things and matters that it renders human beings suffering as a result.

Since she was young, she was cynical about future and she always saw that things will get worse anytime. Consequently, she would not want to get pregnant in fear that the world is unfair and her kids will suffer in the world but, why? It was because she had seen some people who have given birth previously and who had gotten many children suffering in raising them. Therefore, she felt that she will be a part in their sufferings too.

However, even after delaying her birth time to late thirties, she unfortunately found herself in more trouble that she had thought when she could not have gotten a child. She had to seek medication and advice from friends, doctors, books, programs, events, and even research. Nonetheless, she would not find a solution out to case.

In my experience, the world may seem tough and render one cynical but there is always a way in which a person can survive and make a living. Despite the fact that there are always hardships and even proofs that more is to come, it is always good to be optimistic and hope for the best in life. Every person, every animal, or to say, every creature in the world has the right to regenerate and make up a family despite the pressures and the eventualities taking place in the world. After this, all the human beings and creatures should join hand to take care of the world and make it a better place.

On the other hand, I agree that the writer of the article made correct decisions in her life. It is always wise to wait before doing something, to think before acting, and to loom before leaping. Especially on the issue of marriage, spouses should take the right decisions to prevent bringing the children to the world to suffer when they are not ready for the family upkeep.

Should one fear starting up a family or having a certain number of children as a result of the evident changes in the environment and the economy today?

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