Klein Chapter 12 – Travis Adams

In this chapter, Naomi Klein argues that it is crucial to reinvest in clean technology and renewable energy. Although I support the author’s argument in adapting better sources of energy and technology, it is my opinion that this transition would be expensive. According to the author, it is important for organizations to switch to green energy. Additionally, the author states that businesses should invest in companies that advocate for green energy and clean technology.

In my experience, clean technology and renewable sources of energy have been proven to be the most appropriate step in creating a sustainable environment. Many experts advocate for this concept, and various papers have been published towards educating people on the advantages of green energy. One primary benefit of renewable energy is that it is sustainable. Renewable energy requires minimal maintenance than other forms of power. Also, costs of operation reduce since this fuel is obtained from natural and available resources. Moreover, this kind of energy does not produce any waste such as carbon dioxide.

The author argues that pressure should be put on the fossil fuel industry to adapt this form of power. Nevertheless, I do not entirely agree with the author’s arguments. I wonder why she only recognizes the advantages of this kind of energy without considering its disadvantages. Clean technology and green energy are complicated to manufacture and generate. It is not easy to produce electricity in the same quantities generated by fossil fuel generators. As such, transitioning to this form of power may force people to reduce the consumption of electricity or may instigate the construction more energy facilities. Thus, if fossil fuels are cheaper and more reliable than renewable sources of technology, is it possible for all governments worldwide to adopt this form of power?

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2 Responses to Klein Chapter 12 – Travis Adams

  1. narmeenmaria says:

    I understand your point of it being too expensive to manufacture clean technology and green energy, however I completely agree with Klein that it is imperative that we begin this shift. You ended with an interesting question there and I also wanted to delve into what I believe the answer would be: while fossil fuels are cheaper, thus making it “unrealistic” for all governments to utilize clean tech and green energy, I believe in the larger scale it is completely possible for governments to take on these ways. At the rate we are going right now, it just seems that governments are just in it for the money; that ignoring the issues caused by fossil fuels and other harmful things for our environment is just perpetuating a larger system in which money is ever regulating and going straight to big businesses. This is clearly not helping at all. So, perhaps it is worth the extra money to invest in more cleaner and eco-friendly technology and energy.


  2. Eugene Dorokhin says:

    You bring up an interesting point on how it is important to discuss the disadvantages of green, or rather renewable energy sources. It’s important to also understand how energy is produced in most of the modern world: Heating up sources of water to produce steam that pushes massive turbines which in turn frees electrons through a dynamo effect. Burning fossil fuels is the standard way of producing this effect, but nuclear power is far more efficient. While not often considered a green source of power, nuclear energy is actually incredibly renewable and its emissions are not nearly as damaging because it produces far less compared to the electricity it generates. Wind turbines use the wind as their source of pushing turbines, but they are not nearly as efficient, and while the energy they produce is essentially free, it can be both unreliable, and costly to implement. Solar panels free electrons from silicon atoms and are likely to be the direction that energy production will eventually move toward (using the energy given to us straight from the sun). They are easy to implement, and with increased production are becoming more accessible to the world.


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