Klein Chapter 10 – Travis Adams

It perplexes me that Naomi Klein in chapter ten “Love will save this place” asserts that affection is the answer to climate change. In this chapter, Klein states that the necessary step towards eradicating climate change is for people to work together in their communities. Also, she describes how overreaching businesses contribute to climate change through various actions such as the use of fossil fuels. I do not think that the use of love and communal living would be an appropriate solution to this problem.

It is difficult to unite people under the assumption that they will love one another thereby abandoning their personal interests. Various events in history illustrate the selfishness and greed that plagues the society. For instance, the pollution that decays our environment is the result of organizations placing their interests before the society’s wellbeing. In my experience, persons tend to think of their well-being first. Consequently, it is difficult for industries to abandon practices that cause climate change.

However, I do believe that it is possible to end climate change by people coming together for the purpose of structuring and implementing policies that ensure a sustainable environment. It is only through the control and management of people’s activities that climate change can be eradicated. Citizens in areas such as British Columbia and Canada have successfully managed by working together. I imagine that the writer assumes that love was the primary reason that persons in these areas came together. Nevertheless, I believe common interest was the principal cause of reducing pollution. However, if love is the answer in eliminating climate change, is it possible for people to abandon their interests?

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