Andrew Kehinde – Puerto Rico Debt Crisis Poses An Issue for America #6

Earlier this morning my mom recieved a phone call from an old friend she went to college with. He opened a café in Fajardo back in 2014 and now he’s closing up shop by the end of June since the debt crisis is hindering his business gradually. When my mom asked if he could migrate his business within the states, he said that the effects of his business due to what’s going on in Puerto Rico will follow as long as he’s within U.S. territory.

Then it got me thinking based on what we were discussing in class last week on the debt crisis Puerto Rico. I took it upon myself to do my ‘Googles’ about if it’s possible for the Puerto Rican debt would potentially affect America since P.R is a U.S. territory.

That’s when I came across an article on the website: ‘The Register Guard.’ The article – Puerto Rico Debt Crisis Poses A Dilemma for U.S. – talked about P.R problems will benefit America in the long run. In view of the fact that their finical situation reflects on us. Reading this made me a little bit scared since Congress is made up of kids fighting about what is right and what is wrong. All-in-all, this article was informative and it’s a warning to show that if we don’t get our act together then in the long run we’ll fail as a country.

Here’s the article:

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2 Responses to Andrew Kehinde – Puerto Rico Debt Crisis Poses An Issue for America #6

  1. Wow, all people want to do is have livable earnings. They start their own business to earn a decent living and its taken from them. Something needs to be done about this. I wish that person was able to bring their business to the states because i am sure they would make a profit rather than all their money be taken away and be forced to close.


  2. badeah h says:

    Thank you for sharing this article, I found it to be very informative. It is pretty devasting when you open up your own business just to make a decent living and then have to close it down, due to the financial crisis the country is facing. $72 billion of debt is insane, and it’s sad to see the people of such a beautiful country suffer from the consequences of its debt, when they are unable to make livable earnings, and are forced to shut down their shops due to the debt and the financial crisis it still faces.


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