Mariah Fuller- Cuban Perspectives on U.S. Embargo

In class, we recently discussed the US normalizing relations with Cuba and I came across the article "We Asked Some Cubans How Their Lives Will Change If The Embargo Ends" by Vice. With the fate of the embargo being in the hands of Congress who is predominantly republican, the article examines from the perspectives of citizens what changes would happen if this were to end after 56 years. Through educational exchange activities introduced by President Obama and President Raul Castro, this allows Americans the ability to travel to Cuba in religious or tour groups with new charter flights implemented. With this initiative, events such as the first music festival has taken place in Cuba. Many of the Cubans interviewed for the article have said that there will be new opportunities for them, the US and Cuba would be an example of countries settling their differences for the rest of the world, and overall, Cuba’s poverty would be improved. What are your thoughts? Do you agree with these perspectives and would Cuba and the US be able to make a positive change?

Here is the link to the article:

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