COP21 vs. Leap – Michelle Cummings

COP21 vs. Leap – Michelle Cummings
195 nations reached a “landmark climate agreement.” After decades of climate denial COP21 is said to be a “first step” toward fixing the climate problem. COP21 has such a nonchalant approach to resolving the climate crisis – the opposite of Naomi Klein argument on climate and the necessary the rate of change. In the Moyers & Company piece We Are Out of Time Klein claims “Time is not just short. We have run out of time. This is our historical moment.” Klein rings the dooms day alarm while everyone else seems busy either denying or minimizing climate.
Perhaps the passive approach of global decision makers on climate is a strategy to avoid an information cascade, mass hysteria and/or a revolution. They talk about putting a price on carbon, divesting from fossil fuels, changing Big Business thinking from short to longer-term goals, dismantling public-private partnerships, blah, blah, blah. Same rhetoric – different day. I think we’ve been deliberately desensitized. Scientists say COP21 is too late. Klein, at the other end of that spectrum, equates climate change to the apocalypse. I agree with Klein. It’s just…she sounds like a radical. Klein has a global climate justice movement called the Leap. I’ve been meaning to look into it. Has anyone checked out the Leap? Thoughts?

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