Mandy Goldstein Post#5

Being of Puerto Rican descent I have real feelings towards the problems being faced there. Growing up there was always a kind of pride across my family to being an American Citizen, however I don’t thing that those of us who live here in NY realize what that means for Puert Ricans in Puerto Rico. The US keeps PR in this constant state of uncertainty and imbalance. I know people living there with degrees who are working in car dealerships because they can’t find anything better. When visiting you are warned not to go down certain streets in old San Juan because of the threat of crime, at night red lights become stop signs, because if you sit too long you might get car jacked.
here’s the thing PR people living in PR are in need of help from their mother country and because they are a "commonwealth" there are these arbitrary rules that the US is hiding behind, the US owes it to PR to bail them out.

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3 Responses to Mandy Goldstein Post#5

  1. Mariah Fuller says:

    This post reminds me of a book I read in one of my classes last year called “The Near West Side Story” by Gina M. Perez. Its really interesting and discusses how people from PR move to the US for better lives but face even more hardships than they did before. Also, it focused on how Puerto Ricans kept relations with PR through family


  2. katherinesdc says:

    You’re right, the US needs to bailout Puerto Rico and that is what they are deciding to do right now in Congress, and as of yesterday (5/18/16) Congress has finally decided to help Puerto Rico. After two bills have failed, Congress has made a third bill that seems likely that it will go through which will help Puerto Rico in its debt. The bill would offer the island a legal out similar to bankruptcy and wouldn’t commit any federal money. Right now what they are trying to accomplish is to help Puerto Rico with an upcoming payment of $2 billion in July. So far, it seems that the US is taking the right approve on helping Puerto Rico.


  3. Lucy Sandoval says:

    It is sad that the US takes away so much from all foreign countries and the foreigners are left to starve in all cases. USA always seems to leave places in having them pay high amounts of debt. What you were speaking about reminds me of many parts of Colombia now where the multinational companies, and the manufacturing companies from the USA are taking over locations and displacing my people. In the end they are creating high crime rates because people are not able to afford food or living. The united states always seems to want the profits from a place like PR and then let them hanging and keep extracting money from them, hence why they don’t want to look at it as a state but just as a “commonwealth”


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