Andrew Kehinde – ‘Normalization’ of Relations of Cuba (3/17 Question) #4

Advocates of Obama’s normalization policy towards Cuba have pointed out that the international isolation were ineffective in encouraging Castro to loosen restriction on his regime. Moving beyond the domestic arena, the Castro regime has continued to overtake its alliances with some of the world’s worst violators of human rights.

But Obama’s decision to normalize relations with Cuba is a historic step that rectifies a long-standing historical anomaly in ‘US Foreign Policy’ and is a belated recognition of the changing international environment since the end of the Cold War. But its prospects for success remain slim, as long as the Communist Party retains power in Cuba.

Many believe that Cuba being a 2nd world country that it’ll slowly progress into an American likeminded society. What’s considered to be normal in 2016 doesn’t apply to Cuba as it may to America. Now that America has started to rebuild policy wuth Cuba, I feel it’s safe to say both cultures would cultivate a impactful definition of normal for the people of Cuba.

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