A Greening Earth


I have been meaning to get around to posting something, however it has eluded me for quite some time. I had found this article about last week or so while I was online and thought that it was perfectly relevant for the class discussion that we had. Everything on Earth wants to remain in equilibrium, it is a fact. When your body has too much of one thing, for example salt, it will tell your brain that it needs water to off set the salt. This is true for the article as well. It starts off with this idea that the Earth is helping itself, it makes it seem like the problem is not that much of a problem. Then at the end it mentions that this balancing act will not last long. To me, it sounds like a last minute after thought.

Change is happening and the Earth will try to keep its equilibrium, however there is only so much it can actually do until it’s overwhelmed.

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