Mandy Goldstein #4

Where are we going?
It’s bad news all around, what can we say? For the 1st time climate change is being accepted as a real problem. The Paris agreement has each individual country determining what their contributions to the worldwide goal is.
This is where the problem lies, when people are left to contribute what they feel necessary, each person shirks the responsibility to the next.
I’m trying to say each country will assume the other countries are making the changes so things will get "fixed" meanwhile no one actually makes the change.

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One Response to Mandy Goldstein #4

  1. Mariah Fuller says:

    I agree with your post. Although climate change has been recognized as something we must fix, an agreement doesn’t guarantee that these countries will act. How many agreements have taken place in history that have even not contributed to improvement? Meanwhile, the question everyone asks is what next?


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