Cuban ambargo

Pierre Richard Cadeau

Starting last year the relationship between the United States and Cuba has taken the spotlight. The United States now has an embassy with an ambassador in Havana and Cuba has also reopen it embassy in Washington DC.This is a list of the pro and con of the US embargo on Cuba according to ConnectUS the global issue blog;


  1. Cuba has not met the US government’s conditions on the lifting of the trade ban.

  2. Cuba has always been known to respond to easing up of restrictions with aggression.

  3. The Cuban government would be the only one to benefit from the lifting of the trade ban.

  4. Cuba’s existing trade between other countries has not produced what opponents say the US would obtain if the ban were lifted.

  5. Cuba refuses to deliberately honor its commitments.

  6. Repealing the Cuban embargo could ruin the U.S.’ image.


  1. The rest of the world is against it.

  2. Experts believe it is ineffective.

  3. The embargo has failed to make significant changes.

  4. An open trade with Cuba would have significant impact on small and family-run enterprises.

  5. The banning of commercial and economic trade is expensive.

  6. The Cuban population would be affected the most.

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One Response to Cuban ambargo

  1. mariakasa says:

    Although I do think this act of “truce” between the US and Cuba is something that has been long overdue, it raises many questions. Is this a way to truly better the well being of the cuban population or is this another way for the US to take control over an area in order to benefit from it financially. Like other Southern American nations, the US typically has interest in “colonizing” these countries and sucking them dry of their resources. Due to the fact that people of Cuba have been victims under the government and have been in this sense of isolation from the rest of the world, it is easy to try to manipulate a nation in this state. The best thing for Cuba to do, is to work on its on as a nation where they can get back to the current status with the rest of the world and take it from there.


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