Ziying Liang- The Green Map Project

I attended the event of Hola LES on May,7th. It is a green map project for transforming the neighborhood of Lower East Side, Manhattan. We took a tour to discover some green space and living resources in the neighborhood, and one of the founders of this project also talked about their plan to develop and build more green spaces. I think it is an event that let more people in the neighborhood know about the problem of climate change and the importance of environmental protection.
This project also tells us about how the development affect people’s life in the community. Because the city took many places back to building more housing, some green areas were destroyed for this kind of development project. The community lose some green places. And the process of these development made many wastes and pollution to the neighborhood, so the environment of this community got worse.

After attending this event, I believe that everyone in the community should have worked together to protect their environment and make the green project works. This event provides an opportunity for the community to make a better life.

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1 Response to Ziying Liang- The Green Map Project

  1. Michelle Cummings says:

    Green Map Project comment: This is a great idea. I’ve been looking for a different, green way to volunteer this summer. Think global, map local – directions to a sustainable future. Perfect!

    Michelle Cummings


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