Community: Housing vs Garden

The Lower East Side is a community that is working to stay green. This can be seen through the community gardens and parks in the area.
The M’Finda Kalunga Garden, located in Sara D. Roosevelt Park is a community garden that has been there for over 80 years. This garden is in partnership with New York City; community garden partnership committees help these gardens through small sums of money and/or supplies from agencies like the Green Thumb. This specific garden is special to many of the people in the neighborhood because it hosts many special events for the Chinese, Italian, Jewish and many other communities that surround the garden.
This garden is one of the many 47 community gardens around the Lower East Side. The purpose of these gardens are to connect with the people of the neighborhood and keep the community green. Gardens like these are being torn down, moved, or destroyed to make room for affordable housing. They are seen as problems to the community because of all the new building complexes that the city wants to build. It may not be seen as such as a bad thing is plants are migrated from one garden to another but that just means there is one less garden for people to communicate with each other.
Even though affordable housing is important, is it worth it tearing down a garden where that not only brings people together but is beneficial to the Earth?

– Hola LES walk tour
– Katherine Domingo Chavarria

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One Response to Community: Housing vs Garden

  1. narmeenmaria says:

    I can see why the question would arise on whether or not tearing down a community garden would be worth building infrastructure. However, I feel it is far more complex than many might think. Affordable housing is something that our city desperately needs at the moment, what with the amount of gentrification and real estate spikes we are currently seeing on the market. There are many people going homeless because they simply can no longer to afford to live in their homes anymore. Families are being evicted. That being said, social-ecology is just one of the many factors that play into working towards a better planet.There are plenty of other things we should be doing to aid the environment and the cease climate change. Also, yes, a lot of the times these gardens are manmade and they can easily be moved to different places and keep doing what they are doing to serve our ecosystem.


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