The Low Line

As part of the Jane walk that I attended, I had the opportunity to visit an underground project known as the LowLine. It is an initiative to make use of the long unused Williamsburg Bridge Trolley Terminal which had its last use in 1948. The project would allow for the iconic sight to be accessible to the public as part of a huge underground park and garden. This would place be incredibly beneficial for one of the least green areas in all of Manhattan. Through a system of solar collection, the garden would receive adequate amounts of sunlight without having to spend extra money to artificially light the underground area. There is an incredible amount of space in the city of Manhattan that just goes un-used, that would if properly funded benefit the entire community.

What other parts of the city might be re-purposed for public benefit?

What kind of opportunities do underground community areas offer for a crowded city like Manhattan?

Eugene Dorokhin

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