Pierre Richard Cadeau – Feminist movements

If at the beginning of the feminist movement there was a single feminist movement, but with the evolution of our society and all the social mutations, the movement is no longer a single movement. There are women different social class, and social with different types and forms of revendication.  I understand why some individuals or entities may argue that this segmentation or fragmentation within the movement constitute one of its greatest weakness. At the same time, I do support the other side that believes that these branches of different ideologies are far from being weaknesses, They are the core forces of the feminist movements. Some military expert might say that sometimes for the best result it is necessary to fight on multiple fronts. The feminist movements are the most strategized movements started in the late 19th century, simply because they are present in every other social movement. Naomi Klein shows another branch of the feminist mobilization, women as environmentalists, defenders of our planet.

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3 Responses to Pierre Richard Cadeau – Feminist movements

  1. narmeenmaria says:

    I agree with quite a few of your points. I think that what you are referring to is the intersectional aspect of feminism, this is where feminism, within all of it’s movements, is inclusive of women from all walks of life. These movements can be driven by women who have different backgrounds and beliefs either pertaining to their backgrounds or problems going on within their surroundings. It is definitely interesting to see the integration of intersectionality in modern day feminist movements, especially in terms of environmentalism as Klein had spoken about. This was a branch of feminist mobilization that I was not aware of.


  2. mandygoldstein says:

    What I like most about the feminist movement is that it doesn’t only consist of women. It’s great to see that over time something that started as a fight for and from women has become a fight from all walks of life for equality


  3. Samantha Osorio says:

    As great as the ideas are for the feminist movement I feel like the media itself gives feminism a bad rap, for lack of a better word. And it is because the media focuses on the extremist that we don’t recognize these beneficial point of views from this perspective.


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