Pierre Richard Cadeau – Climate Change


A lot of industrialized countries have  put in place laws and formal governmental structures to address their  environmental problems, but the result in term of success is minimal. The problem of climate change can not be analyzed properly as a single or individual problem. There are a million of factors that lead to the crisis of climate change or environmental degradation in general. According to a Yale University website, the development banks, which control resources desperately needed by the developing countries, are promoting the use of economic incentives and other market-based strategies as the key to more effective environmental protection.

The notion or idea of globalization needs to be revised, restructure to tackle the problem of the environment. Globalization is a concept where the economies, cultures, and politics of various countries in the world become more and more connected to one another. If the ideal intention behind it is to create a better global society, a better global market, and economy. Unfortunately, what it truly produce is extremely harmful and disastrous to our global interactions and living.  

Take Haiti as an example of a country almost without any law on the environment, compare to other countries in the Caribbean with some type of legislation to protect the environment. The result of that idea that you can control your own environment is bogus. What happened is that, the fact that Haiti does not have laws to protect the environment a lot of foreign companies, a lot of them banned from some industrialized countries are established in Haiti. These companies purchase part of the island as dumping sites of waste material some of these waste are highly radioactive, This been going on for years, but when these radioactive waste carry by the sea waves to other islands in the Caribbean and most importantly to the shores of Florida, they pretend to realize that climate change or the problem of the degradation of our planet can not be treated in segment but globally

The irony behind all that is the fact that despite all the agreements signed by the United States, many of these companies doing awful  things to the environment in other countries are American companies.

HomeDepot cut thousand of trees in Haiti every year to make furniture. T-mobile operating under the name of Digicel in Haiti is placing transmission towers everywhere without any regard to the warning of experts that these towers are not safe for the environment.  

Comparing laws in different countries is not enough, the crisis needs to be addressed globally. Was the idea of Prime minister Trudeau of Canada during the signature of the Cop21 Paris agreement in New York last April.

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3 Responses to Pierre Richard Cadeau – Climate Change

  1. mandygoldstein says:

    “The irony behind all that is the fact that despite all the agreements signed by the United States, many of these companies doing awful things to the environment in other countries are American companies.”

    This is the huge problem. American gov’t is not going to push for any type of change because it hurts their bottom line. Naomi Klein touches on this by insinuating that big companies control what happens with the environment.


  2. ZIYING LIANG says:

    The development of today’s world should pay more responsibilities for the problem of climate change. Since it is a world of high technology, many natural resource and energy are taken to produce and benefit the development. However this problem made people’s life in danger. The world should work together to provide more ways to balance the development and environment protection.


    • Mariah Fuller says:

      What these companies don’t understand is that these countries don’t need to be “developed” because it is more harmful than helpful.It doesn’t benefit the people in need because what they need only influences the economic interests of those already developed and who have money.


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