5 May, 2016 19:13

Narmeen Maria


I came across an article written about Naomi Klein and climate change. It hits on a lot of key points that Klein makes about climate change in that it is one the biggest problems humanity should be concerned about. Not only is it just an environmental issue, but also a racial and class issue. It is also one of the causes for wars different countries have been involved in. This article really hits on an overview of Kleins standpoint that solving the issue of climate change is far more complex than both sides of the argument make it out to be, and it will require looking beyond in that “Overcoming these disconnections is the most pressing task for anyone occupied with social justice.” It is interesting to think that we as humans seem to, all throughout history, have this need to want to conquer other lands, this need to take control. This need for control has been the source of wars and environmentally harmful factors such as fossil fuels.

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One Response to 5 May, 2016 19:13

  1. Lucy Sandoval says:

    I love this article Narmeen! its very true the world is so selfish. How is it that we are talking and discussing and not agreeing on something that is so crucial to our lives. How is it that the planet, that we inhabit, that gives us life is less important than our “greed” Everyone places the blame on everyone else especially the big corporations, creating divisions between people.


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