Environment vs Profit

“In order for multinational corporations to protect their freedom to pollute the atmosphere, peasants, farmers, and Indigenous people are losing their freedom to live and sustain themselves in peace” (192).

This sentence stood out the most when reading chapter 6 of This Changes Everything because it is true many of the multinational corporations that are in the Oil and Gas industry disregard the problems that they create with their machines. An example that Naomi Klein used was The Nature Conservancy in Texas that was dedicated to protecting the Attwater’s Prairie Chicken. This later became a controversy because the Nature Conservancy started to frack on the preserve. With time passing by, many of the Attwater’s Prairie Chicken started to become endangered, and finally becoming extinct. Throughout the extinction process, the Nature Conservancy denied that their fracking was a cause for what was happening even though it was happening in the middle of the preserve. And there are many other companies that do the same thing, claiming that their fracking doesn’t cause harm that it must be something else. Throughout this chapter, I asked myself “why are companies selfish enough that they want to make profits instead of helping out the environment and the species that live on it?”

-Naomi Klein – Chapter 6

-Katherine Domingo Chavarria

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One Response to Environment vs Profit

  1. Lucy Sandoval says:

    That is such a sad quote, it is so horrible that companies can do this, they profit from nature and its animal while destroying it. In its place we also consume from them. I think its not only that they are selfish but that we give them the means to be selfish. There is an amount of things we can do and as well as speak out to stop this chaotic cycle however we tend to ignore it, keep quiet, go on about our days. There is many little of us that actually do something, many of us who are still in ignorance and many of us that with knowing take the side of the oppressor by keeping quiet.


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