The Paris Agreement

As you may know, approximately 130 countries gathered a few days ago (on Earth Day) at the United Nations to sign the Paris Agreement on Climate Change. Whether this is an historic moment in the struggle against this continuing crisis, or too little too late, is open to debate.

Below are some links to articles and resources I’ve come across that might be interesting and useful as we consider this agreement. Have a look at these, and feel free to contribute others. I look forward to discussing these with you!

Paris climate deal to be signed by over 130 countries at UN ceremony (The Guardian Friday April 8)

World governments vow to end fossil fuel era at UN climate signing ceremony (The Guardian April 22)

Ahead of Paris Agreement signing, cyclone-hit Fiji champions climate change action (UN News Centre, April 18)

U.N. members fear U.S. ‘sabotage’ of Obama’s climate commitments (Reuters April 20)

NYTimes Opinion Pages: A New Dark Age Looms (April 19)

Gulf News: Climate agreement: Is it too little, too late? (April 25)

Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) Debated at United Nations as World Crisis Escalates (Centre for Research on Globalization, April 26)

UN News Centre (April 21) UN says Paris Agreement on climate change must aim for long-term environmental stability


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