Andrew Kehinde – Gasland(s) #5

The sooner everyone can shift their presumptions and get an idea of the increasingly abusive process that filling our vehicles makes necessary, believe you me the better. Me personally, I found the indie film ‘Gasland’ extremely dismal to watch. This is something that’ll make nobody untroubled and the main concept represents corporations going entirely out of control. I noticed that the indie film also takes us – the viewer – on Fox’s adventure through learning further about gas fracking, to the point where it all becomes too much for him and he stands and weeps. I think it is vital to watch this film to understand what’s destroying our planet. Gasland also sets out a clear POV on how the authorities who are meant to protect people from toxic experiments – fracking -are failing them horribly.

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One Response to Andrew Kehinde – Gasland(s) #5

  1. Fadilat says:

    Yes, we need a collective effort and a kick-start towards anti-fracking movements worldwide. This film was terrifying for me as well, because these are things that are happened and overlooked which is a very troubling thing. Fracking, deep water drilling, poisoning of water they all are serious issues that many people do not even know exist. Even if everyone knew this problems exist, which some do – they turn a blind eye because it is not directly impacting them. It sucks to realize that people only react once it is too late, or once they are being negatively impacted by this horrible form of environment attack. However, what sucks the most about this is that because it has been going on for so long it is almost irreversible (in my opinion) we have enough fossil fuels, and carbon emissions lingering in the air to last us almost a life time. This all happened because of how blind we have been to the dangerous effects that governments allowed, and communities that didn’t act until their water became flammable.


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