Gasland(s) – Fadilat Olasupo

The documentary “Gasland,” addresses the issue of water contamination in areas like Dimock where kitchen sinks started to spit out methane and catch fire after Cabot Oil & Gas Co. started drilling wells. The documentary introduces us to people struggling with unexpected consequences of gas drilling in multiple states. I realized that the people featured in this documentary were very real, and were facing very real problems. I really enjoyed watching the personalities of each subject in this film both good and bad come to life, while they explain their own problems. However, this film implies that the problem that is encountered with the water is a result of just the fracking process, which I would disagree with this statement. I would disagree because fracking is not the only process that could lead to these problems, but even the processes before such as the pumping process where they pump gallons of water and chemicals into the hole which releases gases. This reminded me of a class reading on the green revolution and how these processes, such as deep water drilling etc. are in fact not helping but instead destroying the environment. The issue of water contamination is a serious one. The film was definitely worth a watch. Do you also agree that fracking is not the biggest problem in the whole issue against Deepwater drilling?

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