Gasland(s)Katherine Rosa

In Gasland II, Texas Representative, Lon Burnham, said, “We’ve got a lot of upper middle class white people with college degrees getting ticked off because they’re being treated the way third world people have always been treated by corporate America,” and thank goodness someone said it because throughout both films, all I could think was just that. These documentaries are so important because it clearly showcases the extent of the corruption and greed of our American government. It opens up the minds of other fellow Americans to see just how far things have gone, the carelessness for human life in exchange for profit, and now we can say: no matter where you are. I’m saddened to know that these companies are ruining our lands and destroying the livelihoods of people all over the globe for something that we can actually do without! This all seems so senseless. When I saw the map of all the rivers and their connectedness in the United States, it made me want to light a match to my own faucet, but even more so, reminded me of the connectedness of all the waters. Makes me question how much time do we have left before all of the waters are undrinkable and all of the air is unbreathable.

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