Coumba Ndiaye- Klein Introduction

Klein makes very important and revealing points about what we are doing to ourselves and to the next generations. I think that the whole issue of climate change is irony. They know that it will come back and cause great destruction to our environments and to ourselves, but authorities still and not making serious steps to deal with climate change. Those who are responsible for it are not fully engage of stopping the problem before we reach the tipping point. This mean that profit is much more important to stakeholders than our well-being and for the well-being of the generations.

Klein mention a very good point when she stated “we look but tell ourselves we are too busy to care about something so distant and abstract.” Pp 3 authorities do not give full attention to this issue because one they are not ready any time soon to think about going back to traditional way of living and two human have this nature that in order to believe it I must see it. Klein discuss the aftermath of climate change that will be devastating and almost sound that it will destroy everything. But we act as nothing is happening.

I agree with Klein when she says that the change begins with us and there are numerous way of preventing it or making it less severe by changing the way our economies function because she truly believe that climate change is linked with capitalism.

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