Is Palestine a country/nation? –Badeah Husain

In class, we discussed what category would the Middle East and Africa was considered to be in terms of being “first world” “second world” or “third world”. One of the questions that we touched upon was whether or not Palestine was considered a country /nation. Considering that my family and I are Palestinian, and having lived there for some amount of time, whether or not it is recognized by the world, I do believe it’s a country/nation. Despite the fact that it has been under occupation for many decades there is so much culture and diversity that no one really sees due to the fact that the media doesn’t care to show how beautiful the people of Palestine really are. I’ve had many experiences going back home and I’ve had to deal with checkpoints and being interrogated for why I want to visit my country even though my ancestors has been there for many, many, generations. The media plays a big role in showing all the negativity that goes on there.

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