Fadilat Olasupo – Naomi Klein Chapter 1 & 2

People are turning the other way when it comes to climate change’s high right. Especially those who we call the 1% that have strong hierarchical views. Instead of influencing public attention to this matter, they rather keep it in a closet all in the name and faith of capitalism, and the human project to dominate the world. Klein states that “We’re up against those who benefit most from the status quo and would see their profits eroded if climate action became a reality”. I agree with Klein when she makes a claim about the real reason we are failing to rise, which is because it would directly challenge our current reigning economic paradigm (capitalism) we’re thrived off of capitalism for years, and the elites aren’t ready to let go just yet. Also the activities that many individuals are identified by such as shopping and things of that nature. Free trade is against climate action, and even though manufacturing moves offshore those countries they move to are being blamed for the crisis. She also the importance of wealthy countries and how they need to start cutting their greenhouse gas emissions at least 8-10 percent a year in order to make a change, and to start now.

I don’t think that green capitalism will be sufficient, because the truth is these companies will and simply cannot consume less. We need policy changes and not only lifestyle changes. This reading reminds me of a reading on how Americans will never stop consuming/eating. Think about this – The American eats for periods of 15 hours or even longer, and only pause when it comes time to sleep which varies from 9 hours (the average American barely gets 6 hours of sleep) or less. Consumption plays a huge part in the American lifestyle, which now allows me to understand why it is important to put laws into place instead of just changing lifestyle goals, but also the reality on limitless accumulation in the minds of many (like myself). Do you also agree with the issue of consumption we have today? Would laws be critical to help with climate change?

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