Fadilat Olasupo – Klein Introduction

In Naomi Klein’s reading she introduces the very large crisis we are facing with climate change, and states that ignoring the facts that are thrown in our face and instead doubling down on the stuff that is causing the crisis in the first place is because of the moment in history we live in that is causing our cognitive dissonance. We are living in climate change denial. She makes a statement about how our world will change completely if we continue to let emissions rise year after year, major cities will very likely drown, and people of the next generations will be spending the rest of their lives fleeing horrible weather conditions and natural disasters.

I totally agree with Klein and her issue with carbon emissions. Because of Carbon dioxide being released into the air due to human activities, which lingers around adding more CO2 into the atmosphere. Specifically, human activity which emits the combustion of fossil fuels such as coal, natural gases and oil. The toxins in Carbon Dioxide last a life time and stick to our rain forests and other environmental facets of life which lead to one of the main causes of climate change. Many of the areas most vulnerable to climate change, that are suffering the most have not played any part in the cause of this very crisis. Klein states “We need a Marshall Plan” which I believe in fact is the only way we can rewrite history and change what has been so imbedded in the system, she adds “Whatever we put in place to try and stop climate change must mobilize financing and technology to ensure we reduce emissions while raising people’s quality of life” (5).

This reminds me of something I’ve read pertaining to climate change and the decrease in sea ice covering the artic ocean, reaching the lowest level in the satellite record all due to climate change. My favorite statement in this reading by Klein is how she stated what western countries deem a crisis, and actually pay attention to. One of her statements were “Slavery wasn’t a crisis for British and American elites until abolitionism turned it into one” this refers to how politicians have the power to declare a crisis, as well as mass movements of regular people. I want to end this by saying that if we treated climate change like a true emergency we not only keeping us safer from extreme weather but also creating a more equal society. If we move away from fossil fuels, we could pull a tremendous amount of people out of poverty as well. Do you agree with Klein’s analysis? Do you believe that if the masses linked together to make this ever real and very critical issue important, we can save humanity as a whole and provide all of the services that we lack from clean water to electricity? I do.

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