Inconvenient truth– Badeah H.

An inconvenient truth is a very outstanding documentary that touches upon global warming and its harmful effects on the earth; it informs us immensely on how the earth is facing observable effects such as droughts, insect outbreaks, an increase in wildfires, health impacts in cities due to the increased heat, there have also been droughts; and a decrease in agricultural . Additional concerns were also flooding and erosions that are in coastal areas. In my personal opinion, I do believe that we can be able to fix the harmful effects of global warming; it’s never too late to start somewhere, with the help of the government implementing laws that will prevent us from doing such harms to the earth.

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One Response to Inconvenient truth– Badeah H.

  1. Fadilat Olasupo says:

    Yes! All of the air pollutants are collecting in the atmosphere and are absorbing sunlight and solar radiation. If it were that these pollutants such as CO2 were to easily dissolve in the air global warming would won’t be too much of the crisis that it is, but instead these pollutants can last years to centuries in the atmosphere, trapping the heat and causing the planet to get hotter. A big thing that you mentioned that I agree with is the implementation of laws that the government NEED to put into place that will ultimately save our future on this earth. Also it will take the masses (many regular people) when I say many I mean thousands, a large movement has to take place just as any of the major movements in this world have been able to take place. Similar to how slavery came into play, or sex discrimination (and how the feminist movement brought it into existence) we do have a hopeful future if we all work together as one, and start to make often ignored global warming issue a very apparent crisis that needs immediate attention, not just for now but for the children of next generations and so on.


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