Naomi Klein Intro

Naomi Klein has managed to absolutely terrify me, in her intro she explains that climate change is leading towards disaster. what struck me the most about it is that we all know about the crisis we all know what the consequences could be and yet there is no real movement to create a better system. One of her points was "all we have to do is not react and that ensures our demise", and that is exactly what the culture is doing. On the whole the issue is being ignored. She talks about how the rich use crisis to move there plans through government. our very survival is at stake within the next decade. I feel like the government has the means and the "pull" to change things, pass some type of laws in order to keep us from completely breaking our own race down. what I wonder after reading Klein is : are corporations hoping for crisis so that they can profit? and How do we change worldview? While reading this I even saw that some people deny the climate change is even happening.

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  1. Fadilat Olasupo says:

    Great post! I was also completely terrified by this introduction! In fact prior to this class I didn’t even think the whole “global warming or “climate change” thing was even a real issue. America always tends to blow things out of proportion, for example the whole Ebola crisis which just clouded our minds from the REAL issues! Issues like these! One day we have someone saying global warming is real and can kill us, the next we have the news stating that it is a sham. Who knows what to believe these days. However, Climate change is a real issue and it is being ignored from far too many people. I think the problem is that people who are not aware of the issues don’t know because they are unaware of the potential and serious harm it will cause in the future. Our culture is constantly drawn into the idea of consumption and profit! I mean we all are in school ultimately to ensure that once we leave we will have a good job waiting for us (PROFIT) we are brain washed into thinking that life is only about the consumption of things, and in fact this is the cause for our decline in EVERY aspect of any crisis we have ever had. Government definitely has the means to change things, but instead they want to profit. If we work and stop climate change TOGETHER, there is no telling what other things we can end, such as homelessness, poverty, and more. I say the only way we change the world view is through political leaders, and mass movements. Governments aren’t hoping for crisis in terms of climate change, they are hoping for endless accumulation which is resulting in this crisis we face.


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