Adam Matthews, Guest Speaker

Screen shot 2016-03-23 at 6.58.58 PM.png

As I mentioned in class, my friend Adam Matthews is a journalist who writes about global supply chains and other issues. He’s back from Asia, and has agreed to come speak to our class about his work on Thursday, April 7th. In preparation, let’s read his Newsweek article The Environmental Crisis in Your Closet (August 2015). You can also check out his webpage here.

Since we’re already behind in terms of the schedule on the syllabus, and this will set us offtrack even more, I’ll update our reading schedule for the remainder of the semester after the midterm…


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One Response to Adam Matthews, Guest Speaker

  1. coumbandiaye says:

    We are all looking to meet him and we are also ready to learn from him. The Environmental Crisis in Your Closet sounds deep and chocking. I hope it is going to be an interesting discussion.


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