Eugene Dorokhin

Climate change has been for decades the most pressing global crisis that received the least amount of political change. The film Disruption really did a great job at compiling and presenting the history of the movement to fight against climate change, and the science behind why it is a necessity. Having currently warmed the planet 2 degrees Celsius we risk obliterating the environment we rely on to sustain ourselves. As mentioned within the film, while countries may say that they are moving to do as the scientific community advises, what they actually draft as plans involve raising the global temperature by a devastating 6 degrees. It is only through movements by the people that can sway the power away from those who profit enormously off of the free energy that resides within the ground.
One of the points I found most surprising that i’d never considered is just how much of a social issue climate change really has become. We don’t often associate it as one because of its more intimidate connection to the environment, but those hit hardest, are often those who can least afford it. The impoverished nations of the world which have not had the chance themselves to industrialize are the ones being hit by natural disasters right now. It would seem that the global south has always had to pay the price, and the North benefits at the Souths expense.
The situation we as a species put ourselves in will only get worse regardless of our immediate actions. The lag in the atmosphere means that our emissions from years past will only become evident a few years after they’ve been released. Even stopping all emissions right now may still result in frightening effects to our fragile life sustaining systems. As they put it within the film, only a few kilometers below us there are temperatures far too high for us to live, and a few kilometers above us the air is far to thin for us to breathe; it is therefore vital that we do not allow this narrow strip of area where we may survive to become uninhabitable.
Do you believe that any real change can come to how we regulate our emissions when nearly all who have the power to do so are being legally bribed through lobbying groups to prevent it from happening?

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One Response to Disrupted

  1. Andrew Kehinde says:

    Very informative Eugene, Climate Change is a big issue. At first I didn’t think anything of it, until I took AP Human Geography my senior year of high school. But going to the point at hand, I agree that Climate Change is a very impactful situation at hand. Me personally I believe that there is change that can be done when nearly all who have the power to do so are being legally bribed through lobbying groups to prevent it from happening. We the people are the ones who are suffering from the climate itself! We need to know how to say no to the current situation at hand & make an impact beyond our own means. From the lobbying groups to the bribes, these things are materialistic things in reality. All-in-all yes, I do believe something can be done since nothing is impossible after all.


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