An Inconvenient truth

Fadilat Olasupo

An Inconvenient Truth is a provoking documentary on global warming by director Davis Guggenheim. It presents a disturbing image of the damage that global warming is doing to the earth and the terrible future that we are facing if global warming is not addressed. Despite some grave weaknesses, anyone who is concerned about the future must see this film and join in on the conversation, argument, and battle over what is necessary to save our planet. It seems as though we may be meeting a tipping point in our geological age. I believe that there is still time to make a difference and the director of this movie would also agree simply because the whole idea of the film was to bring forth the issue and talk about what could be done to fix it. This reminds me of the Anthropecene and it’s idea of how the world’s geological structure is changing for the worse. An Inconvenient Truth supports, promotes and makes available to millions of individuals the rudimentary science of global warming. Due to this, the film has come under confrontation. The movie gives scientific ideas and evidence about global warming in a clear, brief and often pleasurable way. It features great images of nature as well as graphs, and liveliness to visually express difficult evidence. My question to the class would be, do you agree with the critics and the naysayers? Do you believe that global warming can be averted and fixed?

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