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Katherine Rosa
Globalization and Sustainability

Life and Debt

This film has helped me to further understand just how much complications the international trade fund has caused other “developing” countries. The extreme regulations imposed on borrowers spending limits have severely damaged Jamaica’s economy. It is really hard to comprehend such selfishness of first world governments, the fact that short term lending is only beneficial to them. This film is about Jamaica’s debt and their increasing hardships with their economy but similar stories apply to other countries, such as my native land, the Dominican Republic; being forced into international trade without reaping the benefits, as well as their lands being bought out by first world companies with the promise to help grow the countries economy, yet paying workers low wages, paying low or no taxes for their production and pushing people out of their turf to build resorts and other businesses that the locals cannot afford to enjoy. The “solution” to this problem continues to be more debt for the country by borrowing more money, just to get by, instead of being able to use these funds for the building of their healthcare systems and correcting social issues. This film has left me questioning, what can we, as a people from first world countries with a voice, do to help these countries suffering from their financial oppression? Should we boycott the companies and resorts that contribute to their crisis in hopes for fair rules to be applied? What else can we do?

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