McMichael Chapter 9 – Fadilat Olasupo

This chapter was very fascinating to me; it features the environmental challenges facing the world and responses to it. The world is facing an “environmentalist’s paradox” as stated in the reading, and even though there has been a rise in living standards across countries and standards have joined over time, there is danger of these trends being withdrawn on account of environmental worsening and amplification of social inequalities. The least developed countries especially run the risk of deviating downwards from global patterns of progress by 2050. I agree with how the reading stresses that mainstream development thinking is inadequate to deal with the threat of environmental decline that is basically due to how it undervalues natural resources.

The reading speaks of development and the assumed global dimension, policies and responsibilities regarding climate changes, which are still devolved mainly to individual states. The ultimate goal of this chapter was to focus on the sustainability project with its multi faceted and social tendency, and how it does not focus on political economic reality. In my opinion we are far past the point of trying to reverse climate change. I believe that the solution for a sustainable future is one in which we consider future generations. This makes me think about how society has a lot to work on in terms of equality between all members, and fair treatment by law. Great inequalities in wealth need to be eliminated and care should be manifested in our day to day lives. What do you think about how we can reverse climate changes? Do you think it is possible for it to happen now?

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One Response to McMichael Chapter 9 – Fadilat Olasupo

  1. Ziying Liang says:

    Climate change is a big problem in today’s world. Development is one of the big issues to cause this problem. In order to develop, some human activities involve in destroying the environment. So, if we want to reverse climate changes, everyone needs to work together for protecting the environment. We should avoid some activities that may damage the environment. People should think about more projects or policy to reduce the damage and protect the environment.


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