Coumba Ndiaye – Life and Debt

I disagree with the author saying that when the natives see you, they envy you. I would say most natives welcome tourist at least where I come from. The natives might not even understand or get a real idea on how these tourists live their life on a daily basis. How much do they own because the way one nation live their daily life is completely different from another. My point is that in order to envy someone you should know that person at least.

What I cannot apprehend is how these third world countries keep being a colony to the first world countries. They still depend on them and accept their terms and conditions that will never help them solve their economic crisis. I believe that in any nation there are great resources that you can exploit in your own country to boost its economy. I think the problem also is within the leaders of the third world countries. They already know and realize that the money given from the International Monetary Fund, the World Bank and the Inter-American Development Bank is not free that dependency from the third world to the first world is not gratuitous at all. These regulation from these organizations to keep third world countries specifically Jamaica economically poor is so reckless because you are protecting your own country’s economy by manipulating other nation, causing many destruction. This film shows how globalization and the decisions of the first world negatively impact third world countries.

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One Response to Coumba Ndiaye – Life and Debt

  1. Andrew Kehinde says:

    I enjoyed reading your POV in your blog post. Also I agree with your disagreement when the author stated, “the natives looks at you and they envy you.”

    I almost done my fair share of traveling but I do know for a fact when I ventured out into some 3rd World Countries (ex: Nigeria, Malaysia etc.), most of the individuals that spoke some form of English would always say (along the lines), I wouldn’t be able to survive without my Western ideals in their situation of their everyday lives. It just goes to show that the Individuals in these circumstances are upset at how 1st World Countries turns a blind eye on them when it’s them that supply most of our resources to continue being functional.


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