Shavon Edwards SOCY Glob & Sus blog post

When it comes to colonization for me it is hard to fully understand. If it wasn’t for colonization we wouldn’t have the mix of different cultures. We wouldn’t have the mix of foods, culture, clothing and music if countries weren’t colonized. So is colonization a bad thing? No countries should be forced and taken advantage of the way these countries were. There is a right and wrong way to share ideas and culture. It was unfair that larger countries were able to take over these countries and take advantage of them. They should of been there to help them and not to gain more power. They disrupted shelves of the people there and their economy.

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One Response to Shavon Edwards SOCY Glob & Sus blog post

  1. cwassif says:

    I disagree that without colonization we wouldn’t have ethnic diversity or cultural diffusion. The same technology that allowed for the transfer of goods and services under colonization could have allowed for a more fair trade, sustainable, equitable exchange of ideas and goods. Colonization is the forced takeover of a less powerful nation by a powerful one, it causes for loss of cultural traditions and ways of life, economic dependence, feelings of inferiority, etc. Nations should self develop and trade freely and openly on the same playing field.


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