Andrew Kehinde – Life & Debt Documentary #2

The documentary by Stephanie Black – Life and Debt – portrays a depressing sharpness of thought on globalization. Black illustrates how globalization can have a highly destructive impact on third world countries. The documentary gives a easy to perceive detailed examination of globalization and its negative attributes that most people haven’t seen.

The documentary got to see a plant that used to sell great vertical extent quality chickens for Jamaican using up of resources but whose business has been undermined by the dumping of cheaper, less than average grade chicken parts from America under the external form of not under control trade. Recently, Jamaica’s banana economic activity flourished thanks to the agreement with Britain allowing a tax free import fixed number. The "World Trade Organization" in America has protested the agreement, forcing Jamaica to compete with several national businesses based in Central and South America where labor is cheaper.

All-in-all, Stephanie Black documentary Life and Debt was extremely insightful and I learned a lot based on the first POV on the experience on how third world countires are being impacted based on the decisions of the first world countries.

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