life and debt

The film shows the vast differences between what a vacationer would see and what a native of the country experiences every day. There is an astonishing amount of poverty in Jamaica and no real way to escapee it at this point.
Former Prime Minister was forced to sign Jamaica’s first loan agreement with the IMF, Jamaica is now billions of dollars in debt. It is my belief that the IMF has set these lending practices up simply to keep countries in their poverty, the interest rates and wage guidelines prevent Jamaica from even putting a dent into their debt.
the IMF and the world bank are using poverty against countries in order to keep them under some form of colonization, where they set the rules and regulations for the countries actions.

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2 Responses to life and debt

  1. Fadilat Olasupo says:

    Totally agree with this post! These policies in my belief were put in place to increase profit only for the interests of the colonial power forces, to keep newly free nations in the unsustainable society in which they wished to escape from. The film truly opened my eyes and helped me realize how significantly important it is to know the past of a nation such as Jamaica to understand why they are where they are today. West over the rest is a true statement which we can see in many countries that are deemed “Third world”. Jamaica is truly in deep so to speak, they cannot pay those debts, when all they wanted was to create a better economy for their people.


  2. katherinesdc says:

    I agree. The IMF uses developing countries as a form of income because of the loans they lend them with the interests rates. Even though these loans are supposedly supposed to help the country thrive, it just makes it worst. This form of colonization isn’t right and the IMF and World Bank should be trying to help countries thrive instead of taking advantage of them. All these developing countries want is to help their people with a better economy.


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