Danny raymond colonization(Family Picture)

This is a picture of my Grenadian ancestors, The Hagley’s, believed to be taking in the late 1890s. They are a mixed people of both African and European descent. My (Great-great-great grandfather) is, Charles Hagley, he is the man in the top row in the middle with the white blazer on, he had ten kids with my great-great grand mother, Mary Celestine(she not in the picture) most likely she was Black. The boy in the bottom row left corner is my (Great-great-grandfather)Charles Jr, his son Clarence is my (Great-GrandFather) Clarence son George is my (Grandfather) and George son Daniel is my(Father)..The lady in the middle row, 3rd to the left is, Charles mother, Mary Hagley, she is my (Great-great-great-great-Grandmother) this picture was taking about 70 years after slavery was abolished. My family(the Hagley’s) are all over the world North and South America, Australia, New Zealand and Europe, the Hagley,s originated in somerset, United Kingdom…i wish i knew more about my African roots.

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3 Responses to Danny raymond colonization(Family Picture)

  1. Fadilat Olasupo says:

    You just inspired me to look into my ancestry! I like how much you enjoy looking into your history, after all it IS a part of who you are. *Thumbs up*


  2. Mariah Fuller says:

    This is amazing! I’m looking into my ancestry because growing up, I’ve been told different things about my family’s background and want to know for myself because it’s definitely a big part of our identities. I think images like these are fascinating and exciting to look at the generations before us. They look really elegant


  3. Wow Danny this is really amazing that you were able to go so far back into your family tree. Most people do not have that opportunity to find this type of information. Who would of known that with all of the colonization that goes on in these countries that this type of information would be available.


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