Colonialism — Badeah Husain

Colonialism has shaped the development and global economies of countries like Europe. Colonialism has been controversial in many ways due to the: “subjugation physical and psychological force of one culture by another—colonizing power—through military conquest of territory and stereotyping the relation between the two cultures.” (McMichael) Although, some argue that colonialism had some positive effects such as merging two cultures and ethnicities together.

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One Response to Colonialism — Badeah Husain

  1. I agree that colonialism has shaped and developed the global economies. For example, in the 19th century the during the industrial revolution and pressure from a growing population in Europe this led to a new phase of colonial expansion. The Europeans were inspired by the discovery of new markets, and new areas for the settlement of Europe’s poor migrants. You can see the positive of colonialism in Europe in the form of scientific knowledge and other educational capital, technological knowledge, and institutions of private property, capitalist markets, and democracy. In the long run there was a more powerful than the negative effect of oppression


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