Danny Raymond -Colonization

I have trouble determining if colonialism was good or bad. My ancestors were the colonized people and colonizer. I am majority African decent, but I know I have East Indian, Native American and European in my DNA. My father is from an island in the Caribbean called Grenada; the British colonized Grenada. The British establish plantations on the island and forcefully transported West African to, Grenada to farm sugar cane because most of the native population died out because of European Diseases. The British mixed with the African and created mixed offspring’s, after slavery was abolish the English transported East Indian to Grenada to work for a certain amount of time as indentured servants. The Hagley estate was one of the plantations started by the British on the island. My dad decent from the Hagley’s so he has English in his DNA, I even spoke to one of my white relatives that live in England, also his great grandmother was East Indian decent. My mother is Trinidadian; Trinidad was first established as a Spanish colony. The Spanish enslaved the native people and committed genocide on the island, eventfully they transported African slaves after the native population declined. The French revolution and Haitian revolution forced French planters to search for new land in less hostile regions. The Spanish allowed French planters and their creoles to migrate to Trinidad. Trinidad at this time was a Spanish colony with a French speaking population. The French contributed a lot to Trinidadian culture; carnival was established when the French came to the island. The Haitian revolution wreaked the system of slavery and European finally abolished the system. The British still needed human labor in the colonies, so they created a new system called indentured servitude and transported East Indian and Chinese laborers. In 1962 the island became independent from England and today all races live in harmony. My Trinidadian family decent from French creole and maybe East Indian, Many Indians in Trinidadians classify as black. I love my culture but I know it was established because of colonization. Colonization is a bad system that oppressed people, committed genocide and looted land. Till this day black people are viewed as inferior because of this system. I have colonizer blood in me but I still associate with the pure African because I feel more welcomed and closer to them, even though I share the colonizer culture. I love my African roots but I know I won’t be alive today if it was not for Europeans and the system of colonization’s they created.

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2 Responses to Danny Raymond -Colonization

  1. Coumba says:

    Danny you have a beautiful mixed culture which is always good in my opinion.
    I also think that colonialism was bad because of it black people are seen as in But I also think that it is up to black people now to think that they are not inferior beings.


  2. Fadilat Olasupo says:

    I agree to an extent with your post, but I disagree with your thought that “I know I won’t be alive today if it was not for Europeans and the system of colonization’s they created.” The colonizer had nothing to do with why you are alive, but instead they play a part in some aspects of your culture, and the internalized oppression that the colonized faced. The colonizer used forceful labor to take resources that were not in fact rightfully theirs. In Africa colonialism not only oppressed and exploited the colonized, but once colonization was ended the collapse in the original state of the land fell tremendously and hundreds of thousands of Africa’s lost their lives due to war, corruption of the government (the governments were often bribed to work for the Europeans and watch their people suffer) and just pure starvation due to the lack of resources. This did not happen only in Africa but many parts of the world. If you haven’t, I recommend you watch “The beasts of no nation” It depicts war in Africa once the corruption of the government took place, and all of this is because of colonization/colonialism. Children 9 and even younger were trained to hold guns, their childhood ripped from their very hands. The fight for resources turned the people in certain area’s of Africa mad, and it still takes place as we speak now. Genocide of their own people continues. You are here because your ancestors worked hard for years just to make sure you can be where you are today. If colonialism did not exist you might actually still be in Trinidad living it up, but you are here because WE have all the resources and means for a successful lifestyle (somewhat?)


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