Ziying Liang blog#1-Colonialism

Colonialism is “the subjugation by physical and psychological force of one culture by another”. It is a power relationship between two cultures. There are two forms of colonialism, one is colonies of settlement, and another is colonies of rule. Colonies of settlement is to put foreign people into a region; and colonies of rule is to extend the power and its control to other country. It shaped the international inequality.

In the chapter, we could see the effect of the colonialism, and how it shaped the development of the country like Europe, and the global economy. In the book, the author mentioned that colonialism lead to the cultural genocide of indigenous people, disrupt the postcolonial societies, but it brought the new labor, culture, and resources to the colonial countries. Colonialism change the natural ecologic system and indigenous culture. It is revealed as the unequal relationships, unequal division of labor and ecological exchanges. However, it also played a very important role in development in history. So, we could not say if it is bad or good. It brought effects on both sides.

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