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The article “Revolutionizing China’s Environmental Protection”, discusses how in China’s rapid growth they have neglected their environment and the negative externalities are not properly being addressed. GDP, the measure by which we assess the economic productivity of nations, is being calculated in such a way that the cost of reparations to the environment are added, not subtracted, from its total. This is done because of a lack of proper regulation and a diminished figure would look bad for the country. Counter measures were taken in 2004 when China reported something known as “Green GDP”, which counted GDP after the environmental damage. Sadly it didn’t last as the results frightened many government officials who rely on the inflated GDP figures.

Public outrage is a powerful tool, and the collective voice of the people telling their government that they do not condone a decision is powerful. Millions of text messages were sent by citizens to officials and residents of Xiamen City in order to prevent the planned construction of a chemical plant, which would further deteriorate the ecological state of the area. In the end they managed to halt its construction showing how the new tools of technology can be used as a means to push for more than just economic, but environmental progress. The internet itself, with its universal accessibility allows for everyone to be able to project their voice.

As a planet it is vital that we preserve our environment so that future generations do not suffer the consequences. Though economic goals may not always align – and in most cases conflict – with what is beneficial to the environment; we cannot allow them to dictate all production. Regulatory agencies such as the EPA exist with the purpose of ensuring that we maintain a world where we do not poison the resources we rely on to survive. In China their version of the EPA is known as SEPA (the State Environmental Protection Agency), and it is grossly understaffed and lacks the power to properly regulate. You know that there is a problem when it is more beneficial for companies to dump toxic wastes into public lakes because it is cheaper to pay the fines then it is to legally dispose of them. Only through the implementation of stricter policies, and incentivisation of producing in an environmentally friendly way, can we grow as a world and a people.

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4 Responses to Eugene Dorokhin Blog #1

  1. Ziying Liang says:

    You made a good point. The environmental problem is severe and is concerned by many citizens in China. Because there are many factories in China and they produce many waste and toxin to pollute the environment while they making products. Some companies develop the products and projects which would pollute the environment in order to make their profits. However, the public and environmental protection agency in China are powerless and many regulation are not enforced now, which made the problem can not be actually solved. For solving this problem, the public should bring more people together, let the government pay attention to the damage of the pollution, and also let it know about the importance of environmental protection.


  2. badeahhusain15 says:

    Environmental protection is very important and the world should work together on trying to make the earth pollution-free. I agree on the part where you state that “Public outrage is a powerful tool”. I stand by this and believe in this statement due to the fact that people’s voices being heard is the only thing that will be able to make many differences in the world. Showing the world, and the government that our voices are a powerful tool. The public should work together in solving this issue and pointing it out to the government so they are able to see the damage that is being done to the environment due to the causes of pollution.


  3. Andrew Kehinde says:

    You’re absolutely right! I’ve been to China on different occassions in the past and witnessing first hand the type of predicament that they’re in (environmental wise) makes me think more in-depth at your blog post. Protecting the earth (from any to every pollution) should be prime key. I agree, “this is done because of a lack of proper regulation and a diminished figure would look bad for the country.” Recalling back to what some of my friends that live out in Beijing said to me the last time I was there was that their culture rather preserve maintaining “face” than to help their people. Now reading your post I get a clearer understand on what that comment meant. China shouldn’t handle this problem alone, we’re all fighting the same fight (more then others) but that shouldn’t prevent us from looking at the bigger picture to maintain the earth for future generations to come.


  4. The environment is something that should be taken seriously. This is where we live and the environment should be top priority when it comes to decision making. Everyone should be doing things that is best for the protection of the environment and the lives of its citizens. all these laws that are suppose to help prevent the environment should be forced instead of everyone just talking about it. Pollution needs to be stopped and everyone should help implement the protection of the people. most companies are more worried about what will make them money and what will benefit them and not the people.


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